Stop Retyping Copy Any Text with TRex

TRex is the easiest way to copy the uncopyable text from images, YouTube videos, Zoom calls and more. If you can see it - you can copy it.
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    Launch TRex

    TRex lives in your menu bar, you can initiate text capture by clicking on TRex icon or using a configurable shortcut.
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    Select an Area on Your Screen

    Your mouse cursor is transformed to a handy selection tool; use it to select an area on your screen. This could be anything - image, pdf, video - if it has text, TRex will immediately put it in your clipboard.
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    It's Done!

    TRex puts extracted text right into the clipboard. Just like that, you can copy anything you see on your screen.
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    Automate Away

    For advanced users, TRex offers automation hooks. You can launch a Shortcut or URL scheme with captured text as an input.
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    On Your Terms

    You can help TRex better understand the text by providing a list of custom words specific to your field.
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Supported Languages

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TRex is small, but powerful.
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Available Everywhere

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